About Us

Who We Are


Pania Validation Group offers practical and simple GMP, validation, Qualification and regulatory affairs solutions for companies seeking to obtain a competitive advantage and compliance to various codes of GMP.
To provide high quality services we have experts in fields of process, equipment, cleaning, utility, and laboratory and facility validation in our team.

What We do

Unfortunately, validation has not seen as a value added exercise as it must be by management. It consumes enormous man-hours and requires professional expertise provided by highly trained experts.Pania supplies experienced Validation Consultants to support you through your validation projects. They take a risk-based approach to validate only what is necessary to be validated or what it needs to be validated to ensure high quality products.Our validation services include equipment or Instrument validation, cleaning validation as well as Pharmaceutical Process Validation according to PIC/S, EUGMP, USP, PICs and Iranian MOH regulations.
If you need any help With determining what needs to be validated, when and how required validation needs to be done or if you need to do revisions in your current validation plan, our validation consultants are ready to take a risk-based approach to develop a validation master plan and provide practical and technical advice to meet your needs. If you need experienced validation professionals to do the time consuming task of developing validation protocols and doing the testing then our team can just do it.
Whether it is an existing facility or a brand new manufacturing facility; our Validation Consultants can navigate their way through the regulations and help you set up a compliant but practical validation approach.Qualification and Validation are integral steps in Quality by Designing and building quality into any process or facility. Pania validation expertise has years of experience to provide an efficient and effective, documented methodologies to ensure your process is efficient, qualified and compliance with global regulations and guidelines.Pania supplies validation consults on hourly-rate basis, but for long term project alternative arrangements.


Our Mission


Our approach toward current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) is simple. We implement simple and concise quality documents which guide the staff what they are supposed to do. We keep documents simple to avoid staff of any misinterpretation and deviation from designated procedures then we make sure that what they have done was according to our written quality documents. To prove it we record and keep all evidence.